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Delivering packages to a Kuwait postal code

02 Nov 2023

Kuwait Postal Codes: List & All You Need to Know

If you're planning to send mail or packages to Kuwait, it's important to understand the country's postal code system. Kuwait uses a unique system that is different from other countries, and it's important to know how it works to ensure your mail reaches its intended destination. In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about Kuwait's postal codes.

What are Kuwait Postal Codes?

They are a series of numbers and letters used to identify specific geographic areas for the purpose of mail delivery. In Kuwait, postal codes are known as "postal numbers" and consist of five digits. The first two digits represent the governorate, while the last three digits represent the specific area within the governorate based either on your block number or your PO box number. For example, if you are looking for Salmiya’s postal number, its general code number is 20000. Salmiya has 12 blocks, and if you are looking to deliver your package to a specific block the postal numbers will look like this:

Table of Salmiya Postal Codes by Block

On the other hand, if you are shipping to a PO box, each 100 post boxes pertaining to an area have their own area code number allocated to them. For example, PO box numbers from 0 to 100 in Salmiya have a postal number of 22001, from 101 to 200 have a postal number of 22002 and so on.

How to Find a Kuwaiti Postal Code

If you're looking for Kuwait’s post codes, you'll find that it's divided into several areas, each with its unique postal number. Here are some of the key post codes for different areas within Kuwait:

• Abdullah Al Salem Postal Code: 72100
• Abu Halifa Postal Code: 54600
• Ahmadi Postal Code: 60000
• Al-Adailiya Postal Code: 73100
• Bayan Postal Code: 43600
• Fahaheel Postal Code: 63000
• Farwaniya Postal Code: 85000
• Hawally Postal Code: 30000
• Jabriya Postal Code: 46300
• Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Postal Code: 85600
• Khaitan Postal Code: 83000
• Mahboula Postal Code: 54000
• Mangaf Postal Code: 53700
• Mishref Postal Code: 40000
• Qurtoba Postal Code: 73500
• Salmiya Postal Code: 20000
• Salwa Postal Code: 25600

You can find your zip code or post code by consulting your local postal service, checking official documents, or using online tools and directories. For a full list of Kuwait’s postal numbers, you can refer to the official Ministry of Communications website or check out other directories.

How to Use Kuwait's Postal Codes

When addressing mail to Kuwait, it's important to include the correct postal number in the address. It should be written after the city/district name. For example:

John Smith P.O. Box 12345 Salmiya 22012 Kuwait

Kuwait's address structure typically includes the following components: 1. Recipient's Name 2. Block, Street Name and Number 3. Area or District (e.g., Salmiya, Farwaniya) 4. Governorate (e.g., Al Asimah, Hawally) 5. Postal Code 6. Country (if mailing from outside Kuwait)

What Else to Know?

Post codes are important for several reasons. First, they ensure that your mail reaches its intended recipient in a timely manner. Without a post code, your mail may be delayed or even returned to sender. Additionally, they are used for sorting and organizing mail, making the delivery process more efficient.

Is 00000 a postal code?

No, this is a common misconception, 00000 is not a valid post code. Post codes are designed to provide specific location information, and 00000 typically represents an area without a designated post code. Always use the correct number for your location to ensure accurate mail and package delivery.

Are zip codes international?

Even though Kuwait's post codes sometimes are referred to as Kuwait zip codes, zip codes are not international; they are specific to the United States. Different countries use their own naming conventions. In Kuwait, for instance, they use postal numbers.

What is the difference between a Zip Code, Postal Code, and PO Box?

  • Zip Code: A zip code is a post code used primarily in the United States.
  • Postal Code: A postal code is a generic term used internationally to refer to the numerical or alphanumeric code assigned to a specific location for mail sorting and delivery.
  • PO Box: A PO box (Post Office Box) is a secure mailbox located at a post office or other designated location, allowing individuals and businesses to receive mail without revealing their physical address. PO box numbers are often used in addresses alongside post codes.

How do you write a valid zip code?

To write a valid zip code, you need to use the correct combination of numbers and, in some cases, letters as specified by the postal authority in your country. Invalid zip codes or post codes are those that do not correspond to a valid location.

What happens if I write the wrong zip code?

Writing the wrong zip code can result in delays in mail and package delivery, return to sender or, in some cases, misdelivery. Use the correct post code to ensure that your mail and packages reach their intended destination. Additionally, make sure to include the building number and recipient's name.

Is a postal code part of the address?

Yes, it is an integral part of an address. It helps postal services and couriers identify the exact location to deliver mail and packages accurately.


In the age of global connectivity and online shopping, it's essential to have a firm grasp of your local post codes to ensure you can confidently navigate the world of mail and package deliveries.

Secondly, to make sure your deliveries reach you in a timely and cost-effective manner it is very important to choose a trusted package forwarding or courier company. In Kuwait the postal service is operated by the Ministry of Communications through its main service provider, the Kuwait Postal Company. In addition you can use private courier services such as DHL, FedEx or Shipa Mall, useful if you are shopping online from the US or UK and shipping to Kuwait.

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