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12 Dec 2023

Amazon Kuwait - How to Minimize Shipping Charges

Are you an enthusiastic online shopper residing in Kuwait? If you've faced challenges with getting your desired products from popular online retailers like Amazon shipped directly to Kuwait, you're not alone. Amazon, among others, does not offer direct shipping to Kuwait for all its products, and shipping charges can pose an additional hurdle. In this guide, we'll delve into an effective strategy to minimize Amazon shipping charges to Kuwait and provide you with a solution of getting any non-prohibited item into the country.

The Big Question - Can Amazon ship to Kuwait?

The question of whether Amazon can deliver products directly to Kuwait is not a straightforward yes or no.

Amazon operates various online marketplaces globally, each catering to a specific country or region. is the primary marketplace for customers in the United States, offering an extensive selection of products. If you're in the U.S., you can typically enjoy direct shipping on many items within the country.

For customers in the United Kingdom, is the go-to platform, providing a localized experience with prices in British Pounds. Similarly, customers in other countries, such as Germany (, France (, Canada (, India (, Japan (, Mexico (, Australia (, and China (, have their respective Amazon stores tailored to their regions.

Now, if you're wondering about the Amazon Global Store and Amazon Global Shipping, here's what you need to know. The Amazon Global Store is a section within some regional Amazon websites that allows customers to purchase products from the U.S. site and have them shipped internationally. It serves as a bridge for customers outside the U.S. to access a more extensive range of products.

Amazon Global Shipping is a program that enables international shipping directly from the U.S. store to eligible countries. However, the availability of this service depends on the specific item, its eligibility for international shipping, and the destination country's regulations.

For customers in Kuwait, some items may be eligible for direct shipping from the U.S., while others may not. If you encounter restrictions during the checkout process, indicating that the item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location, don't worry – there are solutions to overcome this obstacle, such as utilizing package forwarding services. These services act as intermediaries, allowing you to have items shipped to a U.S. address and then forwarded to Kuwait, expanding your access to a broader range of products.

Methods to Check Eligibility for Amazon Global Shipping:

There are two main ways of how to check if Amazon can ship your desired product directly to Kuwait:

1. During Checkout: • Add items to your cart and attempt to check out on Amazon (US). • Amazon will notify you during the checkout process whether the selected item can be shipped directly to your designated address in Kuwait.

Many users discover this limitation during the checkout process, leading them to explore alternative solutions.

2. Filtered Shopping Link: • Use a filtered link to browse only products eligible for international shipping. • Set your preferred shipping address as the default on Amazon's International Shopping page for accurate results.

Amazon Country Filter.png

If Amazon says no during the checkout process, indicating that the item cannot be shipped to Kuwait, don't worry. This is where package forwarders come into play.

Package Forwarding Solutions: Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Options

A package forwarding company is like a helpful bridge that connects you to online shops in other countries. Here's how it works: when you buy something from a foreign online store, the forwarding company gives you a local address in that country. Your purchases are then sent to this local address. After that, the forwarding company takes charge and ships your items to your home address in another country. It is commonly employed in regions where international shipping options are limited or expensive, providing you with access to products or deals from countries where direct shipping is not available. This service is particularly useful if you want to buy products from retailers that do not offer international shipping or have restrictions on shipping to certain countries.

Consider the scenario of purchasing a product from Amazon US. In nearly 99% of cases, Amazon offers free shipping to a domestic US address. Consequently, utilizing a package forwarder's warehouse in the US incurs no shipping charges from Amazon. Therefore, the only associated costs are the shipping fees set by the package forwarder, which, in most instances, are considerably lower than those offered by direct Amazon shipping.

Choosing Shipa Mall as your trusted package forwarding company to Kuwait offers several advantages. Unlike other services, Shipa Mall doesn't charge for package dimensions, simplifying the cost calculation for customers. The pricing is transparent and convenient, with charges applied in comfortable 100g tiers, ensuring you only pay for what you need. With a focus on customer satisfaction, centralized customer services, and competitive rates, Shipa Mall is the ideal choice for individuals looking to shop from global retailers and have their items delivered to Kuwait with ease.

Using a Package Forwarder: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Research and Choose a Package Forwarder: • Begin by researching reputable package forwarding companies. Consider factors such as customer reviews, pricing, shipping options, and additional services.
  2. Visit the Package Forwarder's Website: • Navigate to the official website of the selected package forwarding company.
  3. Create an Account: • Look for a "Sign Up" or "Register" option on the website. • Provide the required information to create a new account. This may include your name, email address, and a password.
  4. Verify Your Email: • After signing up, check your email for a verification message from the package forwarding company. • Click on the verification link to confirm and activate your account.
  5. Complete Your Profile: • Log in to your newly created account and complete your profile. This may involve adding your shipping address, contact details, and any preferences you may have.
  6. Get Your Virtual Address: • Upon successful registration, the package forwarder will assign you a unique virtual shipping address. This address will serve as your virtual location for receiving packages in the USA, UK, etc.
  7. Shop on International Retail Websites: • If shopping in the U.S., start shopping on U.S. online retail websites like, eBay, or others. • During the checkout process, use the U.S. address provided by your package forwarder as the shipping address.
  8. Package Arrival Notification: • Once the package forwarder receives your items at their warehouse, they will notify you. Shipa Mall will even provide photos of your received packages.
  9. Payment for Forwarding Services: • Review the shipping costs and any associated fees. • Make the required payment through the provided payment methods. With Shipa Mall you can use common digital payment methods like Credit Card, PayPal or Apple Pay and also local payment methods like KNET and Cash on Delivery.
  10. Receive Shipment Tracking Information: • Once your package is dispatched, the package forwarder will provide you with a tracking number. • Use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment until it reaches your international address.
  11. Receive Your Package: • Finally, wait for your package to arrive at your specified international address. Enjoy!

Additional Considerations: Amazon Prime, Free Shipping, and Gift Cards

Amazon Prime in Kuwait:

• If an item qualifies for direct shipping to Kuwait, it won't be eligible for Amazon Prime. However, using a package forwarder allows leveraging Amazon Prime for domestic shipping to the forwarder's headquarters.

Free Shipping to Kuwait:

• Unfortunately, Amazon does not offer free shipping to Kuwait.

Sending Amazon Gift Cards to Kuwait:

• Amazon gift cards can be purchased and sent to Kuwait. You can buy Amazon gift cards through the Amazon website of the specific country you are in, and the balance will be applied to the account of that Amazon store. Make sure you are on the correct Amazon website, such as,, or others, before completing your purchase. Once you have the gift card, you can use it to make purchases on the respective Amazon store, including shipping to Kuwait.

Conclusion: Amazon Kuwait at your fingertips

Successfully managing Amazon's shipping constraints to Kuwait demands a strategic approach. Whether opting for direct shipping or utilizing a package forwarder, a smooth experience is guaranteed by comprehending all available options.

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