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Restricted & Prohibited Items

Don’t get caught out when shopping the world. Shipa Mall commits to full compliance with the carrier restrictions and export rules of all the countries in which we operate.

Before you buy items online from foreign countries, please ensure they are not:

  • Prohibited for export from the country of origin
  • Prohibited for import into your home country
  • Subject to any export or import restrictions.

The lists on this page will serve as a guide to some of the items that, as per export, import, customs, and shipping rules and regulations, we are unable to ship for you. However, they are not exhaustive lists. Therefore, if you are in any doubt about the permissibility of an item you are thinking of purchasing, please contact us for further guidance before you buy.

Official Compliance Policy

You can view the current version of our compliance policy here.

Official Compliance Policy

The information on this page is purely exemplary. As the importer of record into your country, you are responsible for ensuring that any item you ask us ship for you satisfies all regulations and laws. Please do not consider the information presented on this website as a substitute for consultation of the export regulations in the country of purchase and the import regulations for your destination country.

Restricted & Prohibited Items In General

Restricted & Prohibited Items In Export

Restricted & Prohibited Items In Import

The following list details items that Shipa Mall considers unacceptable for shipping between any of the countries in which we operate. We will not handle any items in this list – except where the text below indicates that we may ship them under specific circumstances. This policy is for your protection and to ensure we comply with the laws of the countries concerned, and with international shipping law and regulation.